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Portable Electric Space Heater - Safe and Quiet Heater for Indoor, Large Room, Office, Bedroom, and Garage Use, Advanced Far-Infrared Heat with Thermo

Portable Electric Space Heater - Safe and Quiet Heater for Indoor, Large Room, Office, Bedroom, and Garage Use, Advanced Far-Infrared Heat with Thermo

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REDEFINED HOME HEATING: The next leap in home heating solutions. After three long years of research and experiments efforts, we have developed the world's first flexible carbon nano heating film, which can release Far-Infrared Light in the range of 3-15 micrometers which is known as The Light of Life, ensuring the deep internal warmth comfort like the sunshine. In just 3 seconds, this heating film’s temperatures jump up to 200°C. The heating efficiency is 40 times faster than traditional heaters. Perfect as a room or office heater.
TOP RARE SAFETY MATERIALS: Our flame-retardant material is called aramid mesh. It’s the World's highest aerospace-grade UL94V-0, which its heat capacity is only 1/20 and the thermal conductivity is even only 1/200 of metal mesh. Accidental touch will NOT burn your hands, more friendly for the children and pets. It’s also lightweight, sturdy, insulated, waterproof, fireproof, corrosion-resistant, and environmentally friendly. And we’ve given sit a minimalist style that will match your interior decor and office vibes.
EASY ENERGY-SAVING 50%: SUNKOS value your energy bills. We’ve used the high energy saving heating components, customized SUNKOS energy-saving chips, and high-precision temperature sensors, enabling rapid heating in a short time, energy-saving and constant temperature for a long time, and frequency conversion saves your every kilowatt hour. Say goodbye to traditional fans heater.
DUAL MODE HEATING: SUNKOS space heater is perfect for large rooms, up to 300sq.ft, creating a 2㎡ thermostatic space for even warmth distribution. Its unique large area heating structure design is available to coexistence of body heating and space heating. With an adjustable thermostat and clear digital display, you can easily tailor the temperature to your comfort zone, from 60 to 90℉.
LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: We’ve designed a space heater radiator that weighs only 7lbs, so you can move it easily from room to room at home or at the office. It measures only 2.2” thick, a small addition to your space that’ll make a big difference this winter.
NO FAN & LIGHT and ZERO NOISE TECHNOLOGY: Enjoy quiet operation and a light-free design, making it the best space heater for bedrooms, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep. The fanless construction prevents the circulation of dust, promoting a cleaner living space. This portable electric heater ensures a peaceful environment, making it a pet-friendly and top-choice small heater.
MADE FOR TECHNOLOGY: Connected with our heater through multiple control possibilities. You can use the remote that comes with it, a user-friendly APP, or even Alexa. You can also set a body heating mode from p1 to p3 (750W/1050w/1500W), also an ECO space heat mode (60-90℉). Our product has got the UL Report, CEC, and FCC certification, and is provided a one-year warranty and an extended one-year warranty. Enjoy this new heating experience and share the warmth together.
SMART CONTROL: We will keep updating our electric heater control program to provide a better user experience. We strongly recommend that you update it within the APP. For logistics safety, our remote control is not equipped with batteries. A button cell battery model CR2025 3V is needed

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