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HEALTH LINE MASSAGE PRODUCTS 3 in 1 Folding Walker with 5" Front Wheels, Width Adjustable Compact Standard Walker Supp

HEALTH LINE MASSAGE PRODUCTS 3 in 1 Folding Walker with 5" Front Wheels, Width Adjustable Compact Standard Walker Supp

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😊 Features & details Wide Design for Greater Mobility:Navigating crowded environments, narrow passageways, and door frames is now a breeze with our innovative folding walker featuring a widened design. Unlike traditional two-wheel walkers, this model boasts an adjustable width ranging from 18.1 inches to 21.7 inches, allowing for seamless maneuverability in various settings. Not only does this design ensure your safety and comfort while walking, but it also offers quick and effortless folding for convenient storage and transportation. Embrace the freedom of movement with our widened folding walker and explore wider spaces with ease. 3-in-1 

Walker: The R-type rising auxiliary feature of this folding walker aids individuals in rising from a seated position. This multi-functional walker is equipped with four textured hand grips, ensuring seated users can progress gradually from a lower to a higher level. Additionally, it doubles as a toilet safety frame. Foldable & Portable: Our standard walkers can be effortlessly transformed into a compact size with just a simple push. Additionally, the lightweight design of Health Line Massage Products' folding walkers further accentuates its portability. Despite weighing just 7lbs, it remains sturdy and durable, making it effortless to carry around. Sturdy and Reliable: The aluminum frame of the folding walker not only demonstrates its sturdy and durable nature, but also wins the trust of users with its superior quality and stability. This structure ensures safety and comfort for users during use, whether for daily travel or special needs, providing solid support. Extra Glide Skis: This lightweight folding walker comes equipped with two skis that guarantee stability, allowing you to confidently navigate various environments without the fear of slipping. Whether indoors or outdoors, the slip-resistant skis provide dependable stability, enhancing your safety and confidence while using this adult walker. 

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