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Felli Flip Tite Food Storage Container 5" LARGE 5pk Set + No Residue Label, Airtight Lid Easy Lock Top Stackable, Plastic Canister Jar for Pantry Kitc

Felli Flip Tite Food Storage Container 5" LARGE 5pk Set + No Residue Label, Airtight Lid Easy Lock Top Stackable, Plastic Canister Jar for Pantry Kitc

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About this item

A THOUGHTFUL GIFT CHOICE: A good gift choice for a variety of special occasions such as Mother's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Wedding engagement, bridal shower, birthdays, housewarming parties, holidays. These containers are practical & versatile making them ideal for anyone who enjoys cooking, meal prepping, saving money on food, organizing & decorating.
5 PIECES LARGE SIZE CONTAINER - SIGNATURE GIFT SET: Set includes 5-inch LARGE sized containers which significantly surpass the size of comparable sets on the market. This set includes 1 x LARGE-Tall container (3.3 qt), 2 x LARGE-M containers (1.8 qt), and 2 x LARGE-S containers (1.1 qt). These containers are ideal for holding household staples like cereal, rice, sugar, flour, smoothie & protein powders, baking ingredients, coffee, snacks, spaghetti, and pet food treats. Additionally, they are perfectly suited for organizing makeup, bathroom essentials, and office supplies, and can be used in the fridge. The set also comes with no-residue label stickers for easy labeling.
AIRTIGHT SEAL: Patented flip & lock lid that creates an airtight seal preventing leakage, contamination, and spoilable of food which helps preserve the freshness while providing longer food shelf life. It’s also an Eco-friendly alternative to disposable options and can reduce waste and save you money in the long run.
IDEAL FOR STORING FOOD & GOODS IN BULK: LARGE sized Flip-Tite containers are way bigger, wider, and hold way more than other containers in the market. Perfect for storing large quantities of food, rice, and powder which require a scoop or a measuring spoon to go along.
PATENTED EASY LOCK LID: The flip lock mechanism makes lids sturdy and smooth to operate, allowing you to open & seal the container with one hand, making it convenient and easy to use even if the person has arthritis in hands.
FRIDGE, FREEZER, AND DISHWASHER SAFE: These features make your food prep and storage convenient. Easy to clean and ready to use.
GLASS-LIKE CLARITY: Transparent containers make it easy to identify the contents of the container without opening it. This feature helps to make grocery shopping lists easily & keep the pantry or fridge organized.
AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS SIZES & SHAPES: Felli Flip Tite container offers a diverse range of sizes and shapes tailored to suit various types of foods & quantities. 4” REGULAR & RECTANGULAR sized containers are designed to facilitate comfy gripping and pouring. 5” LARGE size is well-suited for storage scenarios that need the use of scoop. 6” EXTRA-LARGE size is specially crafted to accommodate all kinds of storage in bulk.
BPA FREE MATERIAL: Felli Flip-Tite container is lightweight, durable and shatterproof which made from BPA Free plastic, SAN, universal recycling symbol #7, making them ideal for food storage and will not release any harmful chemicals. It’s safe for everyone.

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